High Performance for Adult players


Weekly program
Training from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning.
Available during all year
For advanced players

Developed for adult players looking for a intensive training program .

Individual assistance guaranteed .
Professional training program: Tennis & fitness ( morning and afternoon)

Weekly  training
Monday to Friday :

Two hour Tennis training .
Reduced groups selected by level.

One hour Fitness Training .

Training session / Match situation analisys .

Saturday morning :
Tennis Training / 2 hour session.

• Vilas High performance is personalized and schedule may vary according to specific training each day, even extended.

Tennis Program
Program objectives Achieve significant improvements on players level trough specific training plan designed by VILAS Academy professional staff. For any level of player, the academy has the primary objective of obtaining the best possible result for each one. Working with and advising the player in different aspects such as the specific technique of each shot, the movement on court, the tactical play and proper physical preparation.

Test level
Every player will have a test level at the beginning of the stay. Coaches make selection of members for each working group.

Development of program
Application of specific training plan according with level of each player ,
The academy has specialists in each of these sections:
Provide specific techniques to improve every shot of the game.
Search for the pattern of play for each player
Specific movements and foot work on clay court.
Singles and Doubles tactics.

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High Performance for Adult players
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