High Performance Under 12 players. Weekly – All year

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  • Specifically designed for competitive Under 12 years old player.
  • Available every week!
  • Personalized attention
  • Non-boarding program
  • Weekly rate.
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Weekly Technical training program: Tennis & fitness

Morning Session: Monday to Friday

9:00 to 13:00 h. Tennis & Physical Training.

Reduced groups of 2/4 players per coach . Selected by age and level.

Upgrade available : Include Individual sessions every evening

Excellent Atmosphere , Feel and Breath tennis

Vilas Academy provides an excellent he opportunity for tennis players to feel and sense the excitement of pro tennis while receiving a high performance tennis training program.
Vilas High Performance program is personalised and for a limited number of places.
For each player VILAS Academy offers assistance, training and a special program to improve during the stage.
The academy offers accommodation services and transfers for the players included in the competition program.


Vilas Academy Methodology and Philosophy

All coaches work under the same teaching and behaviour methodology. Exclusive of Vilas Academy.
However we do not teach each player the same, we find the particular characteristics of each one. Both in the technical part and in the mental part.
We believe in daily work and sacrifice to achieve results, using the advantage of working on clay courts, which allow working more hours without risk of injury.
We promote the values of our sport through discipline and seriousness, even from an early age, without forgetting that tennis is a game and player must enjoy in order to win.
We enjoy transmitting knowledge and communicating directly to the player and we have verified the results after more than 30 years of experience with junior and professional players.
We have a unique ingredient, the formula and details that led Guillermo Vilas to win 62 ATP titles, 4 Grand Slam and 2 Masters.

Experience and passion : Intensity , our key difference 

A personalized work with each player in order to get the best performance of each one,
Experts coaches working with a unique methodology , monitoring the evolution of player and optimizing every specific aspect of the game:
•Specific techniques to improve every shot.
•Physical training sessions , designed for every age and level
•Search for the pattern of play for each player
•Specific movements and foot work
•Development of winning mentality

Individuality : Details that make the difference

Players work at reduced groups of  training . Selected by level .
Max of 4 players in each group . Individual assistance is always guaranteed


Code of conduct:
Vilas Academy applies code of conduct for players in competition of Tennis Europe Junior Tour and ITF ( International Tennis Federation ) , for all players joining programs.
The code of conduct includes regulations about behaviour, punctuality, offences, etc.

Cancellation Policy

Weekly rate will not be rated daily.
· The full amount paid will be credited toward a future reservation. No date limit to use your credits !

· By reserving this program, the responsible tutor of player declares to know and agree to these terms and policies .



Safe destination to travel !

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Similarly, diving excursions in Punta Cana, hiking or tours organized by identified companies include their own security measures to guarantee the peace of mind of their clients.

Is Punta Cana safe? The answer is yes, to a high degree if you enjoy the resort spaces in the area. However, off the premises, Punta Cana is not dangerous beyond the normal range of many countries with an influx of tourists. This means that if you are careful it is safe to travel to Punta Cana.


Punta Cana is the second-most popular tourist destination in Latin America, with more visitors than any other city in the Caribbean region.The Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is located about 3 km inland, on the highway that leads from Higüey to La Romana. This airport receives 64% of all flights that arrive in the Dominican Republic.

The area is known for its white sand beaches, blue turquoise waters, and balnearios which face both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The weather is hot for most of the year, especially in late summer and autumn when the Northern Tropics receive their most direct sunlight.


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High Performance Under 12 players. Weekly – All year
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