Personalised tennis training for adult players ( from 3 days )

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  • Group Training + Individual Sessions
    Available from 3 days
    All year, all ages, all levels!

For a single traveller or group of player

Book individually and join group training program selected by level !

For players of all levels and ages.


Morning Tennis Training : 2 hour
Group training Session
Groups training are for a max. of 4 players per coach, Selected by level.
Application of specific training plan according with every group: beginners, medium or advanced players.

Afternoon: 1 hour. Individual training / One to one with coach

Program objectives
Achieve significant player-level enhancements through dedicated training plans developed by VILAS Academy professionals.
For each level of players, the primary goal of the Academy is to achieve the best possible result for each player.
Collaboration with and advice to the player in various aspects, such as the specific technique of each shot, the movement on the court, the tactical game.
Includes Video analysis of players with coaches.

Professional coaches

The coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy undergone professional training that allows them to train tennis players with the high level of efficiency. During the course of the training, our players work with different coaches, which helps to analyse the training process from different points of view.

Consistent Training Methodology

All coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy use the same training methodology, designed exclusively by the Academy. During their training at Vilas, our students work with different coaches, and each one of them has a high level of professionalism. The unique training method of Vilas assures that the players learn specific techniques to improve every shot, and the physical training sessions are designed for every age and level. Our coaches advice players on various aspects, such as the movement on the court, the tactical game and the proper physical preparation. During the training sessions, players learn both singles and double tactics.

Personalized Approach

While we insist on a consistency in the training methodology, we also make sure that the training process is personalized to the particular characteristics of each player. The coaches work one-on-one with each player in order to reach the best level of performance. Being experts in tennis training, trainers monitor the evolution of a player, search for patterns in the game of each player and optimize every specific aspect of the training process.

Similarly, individual assistance is always guaranteed in group sessions. Players work in reduced groups of maximum 4 people. The groups are created based on age and level of players.

Video Analysis of Tennis Training

To assure that our players receive the best training, the coaches of Vilas Tennis Academy conduct video analysis of players. This kind of analysis helps to find patterns of the tennis game and to analyse specific techniques of a player thus providing a possibility to design the best plan for improving these techniques.

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Personalised tennis training for adult players ( from 3 days )
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