Tennis camps in Punta Cana

Our Tennis camps are a very good way to get fit while on holiday and travel to prime destinations around the world at the same time. Designed to enhance your performance on the court, sharpen your skills, or simply to learn the basic rules of tennis , adult tennis camps are bound to help you shed stress and meet new people. 
At VILAS Tennis academy Punta Cana you will find different options:

  • Singles or Couples tennis camps
  • Adult tennis camps
  • Junior tennis camps ( Full Boarding and Day camps )

Singles Tennis Camps

Travel and tennis enthusiasts will have a blast at our singles tennis camps, available year-round in our new location at Dominican Republic.

Our tennis camps consist in a perfect combination of intensive training and just play with new people. You get the excitement and knowledge of training with sports professionals while enjoying luxury resort facilities, delicious food, and top quality service at Ocean El Faro Resort. Our tennis camps are a great way to escape the routine, make new friends, stay in shape and improve of course !

Adult Tennis Camps

Tennis camps for adults revolve around three things: helping you stay fit, improving your tennis skills, and providing a fun and relaxing vacation experience.
Top-of-the-line lodging options and world-class coaches.
There is no age limit to keep learning and improving, which is why our adult tennis camps are a great way to relieve daily stress, while enjoying a pleasant vacation in luxurious surroundings.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to a heavenly destination, get in shape, and come home looking like you’ve had a makeover, our tennis camps for adults are just what you need.

Youth tennis camps
Young players will greatly benefit from our youth tennis camps, which are designed to improve their playing skills while teaching them valuable life lessons in a fun environment.

Young tennis players, of different levels, either recreational level or those who aspire to play professionally, make sure to take advantage of their skills, learn routines and practice professional techniques as a basis for their success.
Our youth tennis camps also give young people the opportunity to meet their peers and socialize, as they include specific work and rest routines.

Young players who are just starting out in tennis will learn the basics of the sport in a safe and fun environment, the camps are suitable for all levels.
Coaches select each training group according to the level and age of the participants.

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