tennis facilities with professional standards 

Enjoy our brand new red clay courts in Punta Cana. 

4 red clay courts 
4 sinthetic courts 
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Individual assistance

We thrive on competition and make champions using the same training methodology that brought Guillermo Vilas to the top

tennis training programs



4 Group trainings ( 1 hour session / each )

+ 4 free play sessions 

Monthly fee: 169 USD ( 9.490 $ DR )

tennis training options



4 Individual trainings ( one to one with coach )

+ 4 free play sessions 

Monthly fee: 299 USD ( 16.750 $ DR )

Single sessions

Individual training / 45 min : 50 USD ( 2.790 $ DR )

 Individual training / 60 min : 60 USD ( 3.360 $ DR )

Individual training Head Coach / 60 min :
120 USD ( 6.720 $ DR )

We make players fall in love with tennis

While tennis techniques and tactics are, undoubtfully, the focus of training at Vilas Tennis Academy, we know that genuine enjoyment of the process makes a difference. During the training sessions, our coaches make sure that players
enjoy the game and have a good time. Tennis becomes much more than just a game when it makes a player happy when the thrill of a competition turns a hobby into a passion.

To preserve the professional atmosphere during the training process, we have set the directions for parents of players.


By combining the best aspects of training of Guillermo Vilas, we have found the perfect recipe foR the tennis training of juniors.

Our Tennis Training Methodology, together with the dedication and the experience of our coaches allows us to guarantee that a player will have a better level of tennis after any program of Vilas Tennis Academy.

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